Holidays Podcast Winter 2016 Mixed By Guy Scheiman

Just before NYE and into the Holidays, I bring you a special podcast, with high energy beats, new private mashups, edits and mixes.

For those who will download via Hypeddit a special bonus track including, my remix to Ellie Goulding - On My Mind. Enjoy and Happy Holidays Guy For promo use only.

Track List:

1. Offer Nissim VS S.S VS RiRi VS Sarit Hadad - Bitch, I Will Die For A Kiki (Guy Scheiman Living For Drums Xmas Mashups)

2. Micke Hi VS Whitney VS Abel Ramos - I'm Every Puma (Guy Scheiman 2015 Remake Mash)

3. Luis Erre Vs Jerom Robins - The Remaining (Guy Scheiman Miss E Mash)

4. Guy Scheiman -The Club (Oscar Velazquez & Edson Pride Remix) Available 21 of Dec

5. Madonna - GGW (House Of Labs Remix)

6. Austin Leads - Werk

7. Ralvero VS Tom Staar - Here Comes The Party Ppl (Guy Scheiman Mash)

8. Miguel O'Syrah VS EDX - Revered The Favelas (Guy Scheiman Power Mash)

9. Miguel O'Syrah - Poposude (Guy Scheiman Whip It Mash)

10.Alexander Zabbi & Luna Drumers & Bryan Corang VS Crystal Waters - Paralized (Guy Scheiman Be The One Mash)

11.Jean Paul and Offer Nissim - Live Life (Mauro Mozart Private 2015)

12.Ellie Goulding - On My Mind (Guy Scheiman Remix)

13.Guy Scheiman & Katherine Ellis - Say A Prayer

14.William Bhall VS Helvetic Nerds - Naked P.R.I.D.E (Guy Scheiman Mash)

15.Natali Yura - Fall 4 U (Guy Scheiman Remix)

16.Gabriel Barrera vs Cesar Vilo Ft. Luisa Fernanda - Quedate (Guy Scheiman GGW Intro Mash)[Outro - Let's Have A Kiki Intro]

Available to download @ Hypeddit


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